David Florian: Safely aging in place

David Florian is hard to pin down.

He taught French, Spanish, Latin and Romanian at Stanford University, UCLA and a private school in Los Angeles that is now known as Harvard-Westlake School.

He owned and operated a video store in Palo Alto when video was new in the 1980s, and he owned a small video production company in that city for 25 years before retiring to Ashland three years ago.

Today, Florian volunteers with Ashland At Home, a nonprofit organization that helps members live in their own homes as they grow older.

Since 2009, the group has created a support network, linking neighbors and neighborhoods so older people can live independently when faced with health issues, loss of a spouse and the need for companionship.

For the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Florian will be part of a discussion on Wednesday, Sept. 18, with Katharine Danner about safely aging in place.

The free lecture starts at 1 p.m. and is part of a series of community lectures offered by OLLI through Nov. 6

Part of the discussion will include information about the Village Movement, an alternative retirement lifestyle that redefines what it means to be retired.

A recent AARP survey found that almost 90 percent of older adults want to live the rest of their lives among friends in their familiar surroundings.

Florian lives near the Oredson-Todd Woods trail.

Favorite aspects about Ashland: Friendliness, slower pace, cultural opportunities

What facts about your subject gets your audience's attention?: Ashland At Home represents a paradigm shift in retirement living. Even if people do not want to participate, I've never encountered anyone who does not approve of the idea.

How do you first introduce yourself to your audience: No set way.

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Read, cook, entertain friends at home, write, photography.

What do you still have on your bucket list?: Some traveling, write more, take more advantage of the trails in the area, continue with my photography.

How can we learn more about you?: I wrote a Latin textbook for middle school children titled "The Phenomenon of Language" 34 years ago and it is still published and still being sold.

For more information about Ashland at Home, call 541-613-6985 or email info@ashlandathome.org or visit www.ashlandathome.org/contact.

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