David Joseph Clark

David Joseph Clark was born on December 27, 1975, in Arlington, Massachusetts, two days after Christmas, ensuring that he would forever get his birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper. But it also meant that he got his favorite meal twice in two days. The family Christmas traditional meal of eggplant parmesan and lasagna also happened to be David's favorite meal, so when it came time for his mother to make David whatever he wanted for his birthday dinner, he invariably asked for eggplant parmesan and lasagna-again. Even years later, every time his mother made those dishes for dinner David would be there, Tupperware container in hand, for the take home leftovers he loved so much.

Living in the country as a child, with only one TV channel and no computers, David's love of reading started early in life, with David reading at age 3. On his first day at Kindergarten he shocked the teacher by standing up and reading his book to the rest of the kids at story time. He read for himself as a student of life, learning everything he could, and reading to his sisters. Dave didn't just read books and watch movies. If he liked a movie he wanted to know everything about it, who directed it, what it was about, and if it was based on a book he'd get the book and read it, all to satisfy his hunger to learn, to know. Dave was a student of life. Even as a boy, watching the movie The Princess Bride with his sisters, David wanted to know if it was really possible for Westley to hold his breath long enough to dive into the Fire Swamp with Buttercup, so they would hold their breath as they watched the movie to see if it was indeed physically possible. It was.

Sports were a big part of Dave's life. He was a lifelong fan of all sports Boston- Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and the Bruins and he was proud to wear his Boston allegiance on his sleeve. His asthma prevented him from playing sports when he was growing up but it didn't keep him on the sidelines. His love of basketball led him to coaching. In high school Dave wanted to coach the YMCA kids basketball team, but the Y required someone over 18 be present, so Dave promptly recruited his mother as a part of his coaching "team" to ride the bench while he coached the team. Dave never let his asthma define him and prevent him from doing what he loved.

Many knew Dave in Ashland as a bartender, but there are many bartenders, and few of them affected people like Dave did. He greeted everyone he met with a warm smile and a friendly greeting from the heart, and as a result people weren't just customers to Dave, they were his new friends.

David is survived by his father, George Joseph Clark, Jr.; mother, Sharon Duke; sister, Stephanie Clark and Andrea (Kevin) Smith; the love of his life, Mychal Sanderson; nieces, Hannah, Lydia, and Katie; nephews, Luke and Austin; grandparents, George (Charlotte) Clark, Sr., and Mary (Don) Clark; numerous aunts, uncles and cousins in New England; friends, Brandon Givens, Chris Del Monaco, and so many others who continued to be important parts of his life through the years; Uncle Joe, who had a very special bond with David and shared his love of all sports; Dave's "Honorary Uncle," Garret Edmands; and Bullet, the dog.

Dave leaves behind many who loved him. His passing has left a hole in the hearts of family and friends, who will miss his warm smile, his caring embrace, and his love of life and all that it brings.

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