Debris burning season starts today

Rogue Valley residents who live in the air-quality management area may burn yard trimmings and brush starting today until fire season is declared.

Debris burning is still prohibited within the city limits of Medford, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Talent.

A permit issued by a fire district is required for open burning.

Those wanting to burn should call 541-776-7007 daily to verify conditions will allow for a burn day. Burning is allowed during daylight hours only when wind speeds do not exceed 20 mph and temperatures do not exceed 90 degrees.

Wet garbage, automobile parts, asphalt or industrial waste, petroleum products, plastics, rubber products, animal remains and other materials that emit dense smoke cannot be burned.

A maximum pile size is four feet in diameter by three feet tall. Piles must be at least 50 feet away from structures.

Violating open burning restrictions can result in fines of up to $10,000.

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