Delhi 2 Dublin at CultureWorks

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Two men from Punjab walk into a bar. They share drinks with a Irish fiddle player and decide to check out a DJ spinning music at an after-hours party. On the way, they meet a Korean man playing sitar outside a pizza parlor. The rest is history.

So Delhi 2 Dublin formed in 2006, fusing a mash-up of electronica and world music that is heavy with Northwest India folk music, Celtic and dub influences. The group debuted at the Vancouver Celtic Fest in British Columbia and then went on to play at the biggest festivals in North America.

Delhi 2 Dublin will perform at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, March 14, at CultureWorks, 310 Oak St., Ashland.

Members Tarun Nayar, Kytami, Ravi Binning, Andrew Kim and Sanjay Seran deliver a high-energy show that fuses tabla and dhol drums, fiddle, Punjabi vocals and electric guitar and sitar with electro-acoustic dub, breaks, hip hop and drum and bass.

"We have one rule in this band and that is to have fun," is the statement that appears in the band's press kit. "If we're not having fun, we'll stop doing this. It is as simple as that. We didn't set out to write fusion music. We're not trying to be Canada's sonic ambassadors or the United Nations of the music world. It just so happened that because of our various backgrounds ... Indian, Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Korean and Japanese ... we ended up making fusion music. Actually, true Canadian music: music that makes us want to party on stage and have fun."

Delhi 2 Dublin also released its eponymous EP in 2006, followed by another self-titled album in 2007. In 2008, the group chose its favorite producers from around the globe to create "Remixed," a collection of songs from the first full-length album, but with more bass, funk, energy and dance beats. Another album, "Dubblin' Up," was released in late 2009 and earned the distinction of the Western Canadian Music Award for Best World Music Recording.

Delhi 2 Dublin's show at CultureWorks will be open to all ages. Admission is $15. Call 541-488-4888.

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