Dome Guys bring inventive spirit back to Ashland

A large geodesic dome has taken shape on the west side of the Interstate 5, visible from the freeway on the south side of Ashland.

The 36-foot-tall half-sphere was erected by Dome Guys, an Ashland-based business that has created these structures all over the world for a variety of uses &

from Greenpeace camps in Korea to shelters for hurricane victims in Honduras.

The Dome Guys, Johan Ziems and Matthew Ocha, built this particular dome for a more lighthearted reason: a two-day dance party to celebrate Ocha's nuptials.

The party, known as Spring Spore, started Friday and continues through dawn Sunday morning. It will feature a plethora of regional DJs and musicians, courtesy of Pandora's Box Productions.

Ocha, who owns the land at the end of Washington Street where the event will take place, plans to produce more of these parties throughout the summer.

"We are fortunate to have a great neighbor who has been helping us set up all week and won't mind the sound," he said. "Ashland is in need of an outdoor venue and we are happy to be able to provide one."

Ziems agreed. He started creating geometric venues to host parties for his DJ roommates to play in and believes that it is time &

after the international success of their company &

to "give a present to Ashland and have some fun with the local kids."

Dome Guys has a mobile dome construction shop in a trailer that reflects the company's commitment to conservation and creativity.

The trailer is outfitted with four solar panels connected to 10 batteries. All of the power and space necessary to transport and construct several large domes is contained in this setup.

Additionally, the batteries can support lighting and musical equipment for several hours. Once the batteries run out, the trailer has two 4,000-watt "whisper" generators to power the entertainment for the rest of the evening &

or morning.

Tickets will be available on-site for $15 per night. For more information call 488-0672 or visit .

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