Doris May Sees

ASHLAND, OR - Doris May Sees, 92, lifelong artist, adventurer, and inspiration to many, passed away at the peaceful hour of 2:30 a.m. March 29, 2013 after struggling with blood pressure issues leading to a serious stroke.

Doris lived a long, full life. Born in Charlston, S.C. in 1920, she was the eldest of five children. Her creative, curious, and unconventional nature led her across the country many times before, during, and after parenting a passel of strong-willed and intelligent children.

She was a graphic designer, manager of arts and crafts activities at a retirement home, proprietress of a health food restaurant, and, in her own retirement, a tireless volunteer, both with the elderly and the young. She lived in New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, California, Mexico, probably a few places in-between, and, finally, in Ashland, Ore.

In Ashland, Doris found her final home, as always, surrounding herself with kind, caring, creative, and spiritual people. In her last years she enjoyed singing in the Peace Choir, participating in swim aerobics classes, gardening, attending plays and musical performances with friends, and fostering the artistic nature passed on to her many grandchildren.

Doris is survived by sister, Margaret Letvin; children, Barbara Wolfe, Carol Cunningham, Bernard Hilldale, Carmen Brownell, and Leonard Hilldale. Doris had 13 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Doris was preceded in death by sons, Thorsten and Karl Hilldale.

She will be missed by many, but her memory will live on through the colorful stories and beautiful artwork she left behind.


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