Duo from S. Medford High and RCC rock Tidings Café

A youthful and energetic pair of Mikes brought in some cheer with their performance at the Tidings Café studio Wednesday.

The Mics is comprised of drummer Mike Sorenson, 20, — a student at Rogue Community College — and singer Mike Lennon, 18, who attends South Medford High School.

They chose to perform their locally tried and true song "Fire Rain."

There wasn't a still toe in the studio as Sorenson kept a catchy beat on percussion and Lennon strummed his guitar and sang with his pleasantly young voice.

The song was initially born as Lennon sat at his computer desk, attempting some school work. Later, at work, he was humming the newfound lyrics and managed to complete the chorus while doing dishes at Grilla Bites. A party provided the right atmosphere for the duo to create the chord progression that completes the song. Each wrote separate verses for the tune.

The Mics consider themselves to be a reggae/folk/blues group.

"We got some hip-hop too," Lennon said.

"Get me a drum set and I'll play some funk," Sorenson countered.

Lennon arrived for his performance at the Tiding's Café studio, located in the Daily Tidings building, all geared up and ready to go after class at South Medford High School, where he will be graduating this year.

Sorenson came from work at the Medford Grilla Bites, where both Mikes keep a day job.

"We're undisciplined musicians. We got the music down, but not the business," said Sorenson, a Rogue Community College student.

The duo met through RCC when Lennon had a calculus class with an ex-girlfriend of Sorenson's. Lennon was looking for a drummer and Sorenson was looking for a voice. The Mics have been virtually inseparable ever since.

The pair has been playing together for about a year with support from other Southern Oregon musicians, who are like an encouraging family for the beginners, both Mikes agreed.

"Other bands are asking us to open and play with them," Sorenson said.

"It's awesome to be included in all this," Lennon beamed.

The Mics will be performing at Southern Oregon NORML, located at 6th and Ivy in Medford at 4 p.m. on June 20. You can also find them every Thursday at the all-ages Jackson Creek Pizza open mic night, starting at 8:30 p.m. at 317 E. Main St., Medford.

The video performance of The Mics' "Fire Rain" and a photo gallery of the Tidings Café can be seen at www.dailytidings.com and on the Tiding's Café group page of connectashland.com.

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