E-Myth brings jobs to town

Bringing about 15 new jobs with it, E-Myth Worldwide Inc., a pioneer of small-business coaching, has relocated its corporate offices to Ashland.

After spending the past 10 years in Santa Rosa, Calif., the company will employ a total of 20-25 people at its new Ashland headquarters, with an additional 25 working from remote locations around the country.

"It was time for E-Myth to make the move to Main Street," said Jonathan Raymond, CEO of the company. "Small businesses and small towns go together, and we thought Ashland was a great fit "… it's symbolic of where most of our customers are."

About 10 E-Myth employees, including Raymond for the past three years, lived in Ashland and worked for the company while it was based in Santa Rosa. The move to Southern Oregon was not only cost-effective for E-Myth, said Raymond, who has been CEO for four months, but the beginning of a larger plan to expand nationally.

E-Myth Worldwide's work is based around, and was made popular, by a series of E-Myth business books written by company founder Michael Gerber. The series started in 1990 with "The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It," and includes 10 additional books, the latest published this year.

E-Myth — the "E" stands for entrepreneurial — offers a wide range of products and services, including online learning, webinars and group and individual coaching. The company has served more than 50,000 clients in 135 countries, officials said.

"We're really trying to emphasize more personal and face-to-face contact with our clients," Raymond said. "We see that as the next evolution for our business."

The company, which has had its eye on Ashland for a few years, will officially open its 4,000-square-foot professional office at 139 Main St. on Oct. 17, and will open an additional 1,500-square-foot flagship retail store at 180 Lithia Way next month, Raymond said.

He said E-Myth also plans to open 100 to 150 franchise stores in cities around the country over the next five years, a part of its plan to encourage a more personal relationship with its clients. The soon-to-come flagship store on Lithia Way will be its second location to date.

The company employs about 50 people now, said Raymond, and will add eight to 10 local Ashland jobs to that list by the end of the year, as it finishes training additional business coaches.

"It's a good fit, and I think they'll do well here," said Colleen Padilla, business development manager for Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc.

While on an outreach trip to California last July, Padilla met with the company to provide assistance with relocation incentives and resources available to it through the moving transition.

"In the past there's been a little bit of too much distance between E-Myth and the customers we serve," said Raymond. "That's what we want to change "… and there's no better place for us to start doing that than in a small town like Ashland."

E-Myth Worldwide will hold a grand opening event on an undetermined date in October. For information and employment opportunities, visit www.e-myth.com.

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