Economize in Ashland

Some tourists who have braved travel costs to come to Ashland are finding different ways to economize.

Jim Newman of Los Angeles said he has come to Ashland for years and has figured out the less-expensive places to eat lunch. He said tourists drawn to Ashland tend to be a little better off economically, but tourism could still be affected if local businesses have to pass on rising costs by increasing their prices.

"If costs here go up, it becomes less available for a lot of people," he said.

Mike Mullins, also of Los Angeles, said he bought his plane ticket months ago to come to Ashland to watch OSF plays. He also has play tickets for a return trip this fall &

but he hasn't bought his plane ticket yet. He said he expects to pay significantly more, but will still not cancel the trip.

"This is something people really look forward to," Mullins said as he waited outside the New Theatre for the start of a play. "If I had to cut back on other things, I would."

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