EOU employee settles lawsuit over alleged rape


A woman who said she was raped by an Eastern Oregon University administrator during a trip to an education seminar has settled a lawsuit for $150,000.

The classified employee filed the sexual harassment lawsuit last year against Eastern Oregon, the state Board of Higher Education and Rob Davis, the director of undergraduate studies.

A second woman, a university professor, claims Davis raped her on the same February 2006 trip to Georgia, but on a different night. Her lawsuit is still pending in Union County Circuit Court, with the trial date set for December.

"We will file an answer in that case if it is necessary," said Philip Wasley, a La Grande-based attorney for Davis. "We still maintain Rob Davis didn't do anything wrong."

The Oregon Department of Justice, which represents the university and the state board, confirmed this week that the classified employee, who worked as an assistant to Davis, will receive $150,000.

"In non-legal terms, all parties agreed to the settlement and there is no acknowledgment of fault or wrongdoing on anybody's part," said Stephanie Soden, spokeswoman for the Department of Justice.

Wasley said his client was not ordered to pay anything. "There's no judgment against Rob Davis, no judgment against anybody," he said.

Both lawsuits alleged sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of severe emotional distress, hostile work environment, unlawful employment practices, negligent retention, training and supervision, negligence and battery.

The university and the State Board of Higher Education were accused of knowing about a pattern and practice of sexual harassment and sex discrimination by Davis, who has been on paid administrative leave since the lawsuits were filed a little more than one year ago.

Both complaints said Davis forced himself on them after they'd fallen unconscious, possibly after being drugged. Both said they woke up during the attack and were unable to fight back. Neither woman filed a criminal complaint in Georgia.

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