Expect delays on Dead Indian Memorial Road

Motorists are facing delays on Dead Indian Memorial Road as Jackson County Roads and Parks Department crews chip-seal the westbound lane.

The eastbound lane of traffic is being stopped for about 10 minutes at the road's intersection with Shale City Road, and in the westbound lane about two miles east of there.

Motorists are being guided by a pilot car through one lane between those points.

The speed limit on the road is reduced to 25 mph from its junction with Highway 66 to about 10 miles from Ashland.

The repaving effort is one of 15 similar projects the county plans to complete this summer, its website says, covering about 75 miles of county-maintained road.

In the chip sealing process, liquid asphalt, an emulsion oil, is spread across the road surface and covered with chipped gravel.

— Sam Wheeler

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