Famed OR-7 wolf back in Oregon

He's baaaaack.

Wandering wolf OR-7 who has spent more than a year walking the wilds of Northern California has come back to Oregon, crossing the border Tuesday into western Klamath County.

The nomadic gray wolf dispersed from Northeast Oregon's Imnaha Pack in the fall of 2011 and came the first known wolf in Western Oregon in 65 years when it migrated to the south Cascades in December 2011 before eventually heading south.

During his time in California, he was the only known gray wolf in the Golden State since 1924.

His long journey in search for a new home and a mate has drawn interest on five continents.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced OR-7's change of address this morning. He is tracked via a GPS transmitter on a collar fitted on him as a pup in Eastern Oregon.

— Mark Freeman

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