Fans advised to be prepared for attending AHS home football games

The Ashland High School Athletics Department is advising fans who plan to attend home football games on how to deal with ongoing construction at the campus.

Despite the construction, the Grizzlies will play all their home games at Walter A. Phillips Field.

Because of the construction, however, there will be no access to the field from the parking lot above the field, where tickets traditionally have been sold.

Games will have two entrances, off Morse Street and South Mountain Avenue. The department recommended patrons use the Morse Street entrance in order to avoid walking across the playing field to get to the seating area.

Also, the department encouraged fans to arrive early because it anticipates the parking situation to be "very challenging."

The department requested feedback on how it can improve game experiences; preferably, call the athletic office at 482-2377 the Monday after the game.

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