Field of 15,000 marijuana plants found in Eastern Oregon


A California man was arrested this week after police discovered roughly 15,000 marijuana plants growing in an Eastern Oregon field.

Sheriff Andy Bentz of Malheur County declined to reveal the exact location of the field, but said it's in a remote area about 150 miles south of Ontario, near the Harney County border.

The plants were initially noticed by authorities aboard a National Guard helicopter during an annual flight to search for marijuana grows, Bentz said.

The California man, whose name has not been released, was arrested Wednesday after a dump truck was stolen from a ranch located just across the county line.

Authorities believe "some people," the exact number is unclear, stole the dump truck, which later caught on fire, Bentz said.

"That was connected to people who had been in those (marijuana) gardens ... We

re attempting to locate other suspects," Bentz said.

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