Food company Amy's Kitchen seeks its first slogan

After 22 years and millions of organic frozen-food entrees sold nationwide, Amy's Kitchen is in need of a slogan.

"We're ready to have a slogan and we're rewarding people for joining in our effort," said Errol Sober, business development manager for the Santa Rosa, Calif.-based company, which has a manufacturing plant in White City.

The company is looking for a slogan of 15 or fewer words. Amy's is taking unlimited submissions until midnight Feb. 1, and the winner will walk off with $500 in Amy's product coupons.

"We've gotten more than 1,400 entries in less than two weeks — that's amazing," Sober said. "If that's any gauge, we could see 100,000 entries. Who knows, though, one person could have submitted 1,400 entries."

Sorry, but "M'm M'm! good," "The best part of waking up," "Finger-lickin' good" and "Betcha can't eat just one" are all taken.

"Other people have done this and we thought, why not?" Sober said.

Founder Andy Berliner came up with the idea and will judge the entries along with the sales and marketing staff. "We haven't given any guidances or suggestions," Sober said. "It could be about our culture, the food or convenience — whatever you want to do."

The winner will be announced on the company's Web site Feb. 15. Unlike many corporate contests, this one is open to employees and their families.

That opens the door to the 650 or so employees in White City, where Amy's expanded its operation in October 2006.

"We have a really good employee base," Sober said. "Our employee turnover is much less than it was for awhile."

The plant has the capacity to produce 4.5 million cases of pizza annually and now makes more than a dozen items, ranging from Indian cuisine to organic macaroni and cheese, Sober said.

Amy's was exploring building a third processing location in the south Atlantic region, but scrapped its plans when the recession took hold.

"It's not an active priority right now," Sober said. "I'm sure there is going to be more (capacity) needed when the economy turns."

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