Freezing temps put pipes in danger

Signs of frozen water pipes have already been evident as ice patches on the road, and there are still a few more nights of low temperatures anticipated. Ashland Fire & Rescue encourages all building owners — commercial or residential — to inspect buildings for possible frozen pipes before the thaw.

If pipes are broken and still frozen, there may be no sign of the break until they thaw. As they thaw, the water will start running and the damage will begin. Remember to check the following:

  • Water pipes in unheated or exterior spaces
  • Outside hose bibs and water features
  • Fire sprinkler system pipes

If a broken pipe is found even before it thaws, contact a plumber or fire sprinkler professional to prevent additional damage. Fire sprinkler systems are required to be maintained in order to be effective.

Commercial buildings with dry sprinkler systems or antifreeze systems should receive annual maintenance in the fall before the potential for freezing arrives. Dry and antifreeze systems are installed in unheated spaces.

If all of the water is not drained from a dry system, it is susceptible to freezing; and antifreeze systems require that the solution is maintained at a specific ratio. Contact a fire sprinkler professional to schedule maintenance.

Remember that this is just the beginning of the winter season. Preventative maintenance is still important even if there has not yet been damage.

Anyone who experiences a damaged and out-of-service sprinkler system in the City of Ashland should notify Ashland Fire & Rescue immediately.

For information contact the local fire department or fire sprinkler professional or see the City of Ashland Web site

Ashland Fire & Rescue can be reached at 482-2770 for non-emergency information.

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