Garbage rates may get hike

The cost for garbage pick-up could soon rise by 9 percent.

The business Ashland Sanitary Recycling will ask the Ashland City Council to allow the increase, which would take effect in April.

The council meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in the Ashland Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main St.

Since 1990, Ashland Sanitary Recycling has had a franchise agreement with the city of Ashland to provide garbage services within town.

The 9 percent increase would boost the monthly fee for pick-up of a single residential trash can from $14.15 to $15.42. Rates for commercial and medical waste would also rise 9 percent.

Ashland Sanitary Recycling last raised rates in 2004. The Portland Area Consumer Price Index &

the only index published for Oregon that measures inflation in goods and services &

has risen 11.5 percent since that year.

Rising prices for fuel, wages, disposal fees, health insurance and liability insurance are driving up the cost of providing garbage and recycling services, according to Gary Rigotti and Russell Chapman of Ashland Sanitary Recycling.

Fuel costs alone are up 139 percent since 2004, they said in a letter to City Administrator Martha Bennett.

In other business Tuesday night, the City Council is scheduled to consider approving an Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission recommendation to raise event rental fees at the Ashland Community Center, Pioneer Hall and The Grove.

The Parks Commission recovers 31 percent of the cost of operating and maintaining those buildings, but would like to recover 50 percent of costs.

Other agenda items include considering whether to:


162; approve a $429,183 contract to build sidewalks, playground areas, a small parking lot and other improvements for a new park near North Main Street and Scenic Drive;


162; award $10,000 in federal grant money that passes through the city to the Fair Housing Council of Oregon to provide fair housing counseling, education and enforcement in Ashland;


162; authorize city staff to seek a $512,000 state grant to build sidewalks on Laurel Street;


162; approve an interview and selection process for a new Public Works Department director; and,


162; repeal sections of the Ashland Municipal Code that ban panhandling, annoying others and working as an organ grinder, beggar, peddler, strolling musician, exhorter or showperson in the city's parks.

For a complete list of agenda items and details on each item, visit /Page.asp?NavID=10923.

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