Garbage rates may increase

Ashland Sanitary Services Co., Inc. is asking the Ashland City Council to allow it to increase garbage fees by 7.7 percent as of July 1.

The increase would come on top of a 9 percent increase in 2008.

The City Council meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in the Ashland Civic Center, 1175 E. Main St.

The Dry Creek Landfill, where Ashland Sanitary Services Co. takes Ashland's garbage, has increased dumping charges by 15.95 percent. Additionally, Ashland Sanitary Services Co. is no longer making money from recyclables because of the economic recession and resulting downturn in commodity markets, company officials said in a letter to the city of Ashland.

In other business Tuesday night, the City Council will consider detailed new rules for what activities would be allowed near streams and wetlands, what activities would require a permit and what would be banned.

Visit to see a chart that lists nearly two-dozen activities and their status under proposed rules.

For example, building a solid wood fence would be banned in protected zones, but building a wire fence that doesn't trap debris and allows flood water to pass would be allowed, with no need for a permit.

Other City Council agenda items include:

  • commenting on an Ashland Forest Lands Commission plan to thin vegetation on the city-owned Winburn Parcel in the Ashland Watershed to reduce wildfire risk;
  • considering whether to adopt a policy that calls on the city government to avoid purchasing city uniforms from sources that use sweatshop labor;
  • deciding whether to confirm John Karns as the new Ashland Fire & Rescue chief;
  • considering whether to grant the Oregon Department of Transportation an exception to city noise rules to allow night work on Interstate 5 between mileposts 11.45 and 19.09 for three weeks sometime between now and September;
  • considering whether to give final approval to a requirement that proposed public art projects on historic buildings go through a site design review.

For a complete list of agenda items and for details on each item, visit

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