Gardening tips for first-time and long-time growers

The Wellness Guide Sustainable Living Workshop Series presents a weekend of extraordinary Gardening Wisdom Workshops on May 16 and 17.

Learn Biodynamic Gardening and Farming, Wise Watering/ Smart Harvesting, and/or Advanced Techniques for productivity.

Reserve space online:
Held at gardens in Ashland. Directions sent upon enrollment.

Gardening Wisdom Workshops May 16 & 17

Saturday May 16
Biodynamic Farm and Garden Practices Intensive with Katheryn Casternovia, president of Oregon Biodynamic Group

Learn how Biodynamic principles and practices work, including both practical and spiritual aspects. Develop perception of nature through art and meditation. Hands on workshop.

Time: 9am - 4pm Cost: $65

Enroll online: Directions emailed upon enrollment

Learn how to create sustainable soil and grow food with increased life forces. From this Class, you will be able to apply the basic Biodynamic practices and get an overall understanding of Biodynamics, both practical and spiritual. You will learn and have hands on experience with:

·how to stir and apply Biodynamic preparation #500 for soil development

·how to apply Biodynamic compost applications: #502 -#508

·how to develop your perception of nature through art and meditation,
and a deeper look at the Biodynamic principles and preparations and how they work

Kathryn Casternovia Biodynamic profile:

· An active member of the Oregon Biodynamic Group since 1995 and elected president, four years running

· Creator of Elemental Designs landscape designs, specializing in beautiful sustainable gardens, soil development, managing the gardens life forces, edible and medicinal gardens

·Teaching classes through So. Oregon University (SOU) extended campus, the University of Oregon, Grants Pass and privately for adults and children since 2000

· In 2000 produced a Biodynamic/Permaculture conference at SOU

· Written articles on Biodynamics for Sentient Times

· Working to insure the future and consistency of Biodynamic prep-makers Nationally

· A member of the Agriculture Section in the Anthroposophical Society of America

Sunday morning May 17

Summer Garden Care: Wise Watering, Smart Harvesting with Scott McGuire, Sustainable Living Consultant and Educator

This weekend's workshops promises to increase skills and success —- whether you are an experienced gardener or new to gardening.

Learn effective simple techniques and strategic timing for water conservation and long-lasting produce harvest.

Time: 9 am - 1pm Cost: $45

Enroll online: Directions emailed upon enrollment.

Growing a bigger garden this year (or just starting one) and you're worried about the water bill? Will your garden end up costing you more than veggies at the market? Not if you learn to water wisely and harvest smartly to prolong your hard-won cornucopia. Find out ways to get the most out of your garden experience and compound the value of your good work.

Sunday afternoon May 17

Advanced Tricks and Techniques for Garden Abundance with Scott McGuire, Sustainable Living Consultant and Educator

Amplify the life force in your domain, resulting in greater health for both humans and gardens. Grow abundantly producing gardens and healthy people.

Time: 2 pm - 6 pm Cost: $45

Enroll online by clicking here. Directions emailed upon enrollment.

This workshop is for experienced gardeners who are either stuck in rut, or pacing at their edge of discovery. Whether you have persistent garden challenges to address or are simply looking to expand your horticultural horizons, this workshop will bring you to your next level of plant-craft.

Scott McGuire is an organic gardener, farmer, and landscaper as well as a workshop leader and design consultant for numerous projects nationwide. A graduate of Alan Chadwick's Farm and Garden Project at UC Santa Cruz, he incorporates Permaculture, Biodynamics, Findhorn, Perelandra and the Anastasia teachings into his approach to the plant kingdom.

White Sage Gardens — Tour the instructor's 2/3-acre garden, a showcase of backyard sustainability; food crops, flowers, medicinal herbs, chickens, bee hives and more. This is a co-creative, "Findhorn-style" garden that is thrumming with life right now.

Sunday's workshops at White Sage Gardens — Come and learn something new and be inspired to live in your own neighborhood paradise. Sign up one or both workshops. Bring a bag lunch, enjoying a day of learning backyard sustainability.

Contact Lisa Pavati at 201-0372 with questions and for assistance for any of the Wellness Guide's projects and services. Email inquiries preferred at

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