Genna & Jesse at Green Springs Inn

In March, vocalist Genna Giacobassi and pianist and guitarist Jesse Dyen kicked off a six-month national tour by getting married.

The two musicians began performing together in 2009 after Giacobassi recruited Dyen to play piano in her band. Romance soon followed, and now the nomadic couple forms the acoustic soul-pop duo Genna & Jesse.

The duo released its debut, nine-track album, "Give and Take," last year and has since released several radio-friendly singles, including their most-requested song, "Tumbleweed and Tonic," produced by drummer Andy Kravitz.

Genna & Jesse play at 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, at the Green Springs Inn, 11470 Highway 66, Ashland. The show is free. Call 541-890-6435.

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