Give us back Mt. Ashland

To Rick Saul and Mount Ashland Association,

I am writing in response to your letters regarding Mt. Ashland Fund-Raising Campaign and Monday/ Tuesday ski area closures. The million dollars appeal has fallen on the unwilling spirits of your burned supporters.

Mount Ashland Association has betrayed the very people who "saved" them once. The recent ski area closure and the decision to continue legal battles, have stabbed deeply into the heart of your core supporters.

MAA is a Lone Ranger now.

I have lived in Ashland since 1972 and I started to ski when we had a rope toe, a T- bar, and a poma lift. I was one of the thousands of people who helped "save" Mount Ashland in 1991 and feel well-connected with the pulse of our skier community. Our mountain is first and foremost our watershed. Our mountain is a living entity and it has given us what it can give. Let's use it with care and respect.

The continued political battle is unwise, deepening the divide, and draining our limited resources. Mount Ashland Association is a "nonprofit" organization with the goal of operating a small local recreational ski hill and to offer educational opportunities. The intent of the community has been met by the current size of the area.

The community never wanted to have a destination ski resort. The community never wanted to compete with other ski areas. I want MAA to know that we understand, and don't like the current strategy of holding the mountain hostage, and corralling all of us skiers into a few crowded days, so that we can feel the pinch.

We don't like the tactics and the implied threats of closure. This stubborn course of action needs to stop. Many of the community's avid skiers, service industry workers, and retired people ski on Mondays and Tuesdays. Not every operational day needs to be a money- making day. The mountain is not losing money overall, MAA is choosing to spend it on litigation.

Please stop fighting with the very community that you are here to serve. Spend the money doing a better job with what we have &

like better grooming, better plumbing.

Please restore our mountain to its original operational schedule. Keep Mondays and Tuesdays open. Give us back our mountain.

Goly Ostovar

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