GM Pritchard calls Roy pillar of Blazers franchise

PORTLAND — Trail Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard called Brandon Roy a pillar of the franchise at a press conference Friday during which he formally announced Roy's multiyear contract extension.

Pritchard said it was "an amazing day" and that he looked forward to Roy's future with the team.

He recalled going out to watch Roy in a workout before he was first signed to the team.

"I remember driving back from that workout thinking this is our guy, and he's going to be a pillar of our franchise," he said. "Brandon is a leader. He's a guy who cares about his teammates."

The Trail Blazers have declined to release contract terms, but Roy's agent said it's a five-year deal which could be worth more than $80 million. The fifth year, ending in 2015, the agent said, is at Roy's option.

The two-time All-Star, who grew up in Seattle, said he never had any reservations about signing for the long-haul with team, despite free agency and the salary cap.

"From my first year in this organization, I knew where I wanted to be," he said. "I couldn't imagine being anywhere but here in Portland."

The 25-year-old Roy led the Trail Blazers with 22.6 points and 5.1 assists per game last season. He's been instrumental in helping the team win back a fan base that had been alienated by the so-called Jail Blazers of the past.

Contract negotiations took longer than Roy had hoped, he said. It was frustrating, but it "is something that's part of the business."

When his agent called to tell him the deal had finally been completed, "I just had this huge smile on my face — of relief," he said.

Now, he says he's "chomping at the bits" to get the new season started.

"Being the best team at the end of the season is my ultimate goal," Roy said. "I'm chasing the championship."

The Trail Blazers are still working on an extension with the team's second-leading scorer, forward LaMarcus Aldridge. Roy said he hopes a deal gets done soon.

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