Go the extra mile for health

A good day starts with a good breakfast, or so we were told as children. Thus, it makes sense that a healthy lunch will only help maintain the momentum.

Speaking of momentum, we have some building behind efforts to alter the food served in our city schools by using, local, organic and healthier options in the meal preparation.

Food is important to folks these days, as the organic food industry has surpassed even an Atkins craze so popular that its products had their own aisles in local grocery stores. The same is true now for organic food.

Ashlanders, with their growing interest in sustainability are keenly aware of the value of foods not mass-produced and shipped in from afar. The benefit of sustainable practices, particularly in regard to food produces, is both healthier eating habits, a stronger local economy and less impact on the planet.

So what better way to embrace all of the above than to employ the principles with our children in the schools?

While altering a menu is certianly not as easy as hiring a food service to simply put out what they can for the best price, as is the case with our current provider, the potential gains as listed above suggest the program is worth the extra effort.

A recent Wall Street Journal story told the tale of a town of 78,000 that used its collective will to radically alter eating and grocery buying practices among its residents. The goal was to combat the killer problems related to obesity and the effect was groundbreaking. The story ilustrates how a community truly can do incredible things when it comes together around a common issue.

Without a doubt cost will be an issue if our local health push will succeed. Ongoing budget problems for public education is nothing new and getting worse. Spending more money on different food options may not make the most sense unless done as part of a comprehensive program where the benefits outweight the costs. The logistics will be challenging.

In the end, our health is worth giving it a try.

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