Golden Senate run provides hope

Jeff Golden's vie for U.S. Senate has given me hope. Frankly, I am infuriated by the lack of true leadership from both major parties in this country. Want Jeff to join the few in Congress willing to unravel plight that we as a country have put ourselves into.

A product of the '70s, I protested the Vietnam War, and I chose natural resource stewardship as my career. In the '80s and '90s, I observed a dwindling of environmental concerns, the sharp increases in large corporate investments in political outcomes and our increased control of the world stage. Two months after Sept. 11, 2001, we passed the Patriot Act, reducing our freedoms as citizens. Twelve months later, our administration secretly adopted the National Strategy of the U.S., outlining a greater emphasis on military pre-emption and "extending" democracy to all regions. Now I am witnessing the dismantling of natural resource, our social and our regulatory agencies; all on the heels of $450 billion in deficit spent in an act of hubris in Iraq.

Frances Moore Leppe states, we are no longer a "living democracy." I assert that we are a capitalistic country clothed in a thin veil of democracy. We are a nation, where politics are in the hands of large corporate interests, of people who control the puppet strings of our presidents and most of Congress. Paraphrasing Al Gore in his new book, "The Assult on Reason," we have become a nation of dumbed-down, TV-watching zombies, buying lock-stock-and-barrel, into the dialogue of paid political analysts and big money advertising.

It is time for change and I am relieved and elated that Jeff Golden is considering running for U.S. Senate. He will help facilitate a fresh and much-needed makeover to federal politics. I have witnessed Jeff over the past 20 years, as County Commissioner, working for the president of the Oregon Senate and as the host on "The Jefferson Exchange." He has tackled every issue that I hold important. He has demonstrated the tenacity in questioning the norm, seeking the truth and listening and learning from all points of view. I have observed his growing understanding and his attention to the issues we face in our local communities, our state, our nation and around the world. With Jeff representing us, I have hope.

Jim McGinnis

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