Group calls for occupation of Medford School District offices

Medford Education Association officials say a “parent group” is behind a Facebook posting calling for teachers and community members to occupy the offices of the Medford School District Friday morning.

The Facebook site, labeled Occupy 549c, has a posted message saying supporters of the teachers will gather outside the district offices in Central Medford High School at 7 a.m. and then “enter the building to demand a fair contract.”

“We cannot leave until the school board agrees to drop its union breaking tactics and to settle a fair contract for the teachers,” the posting continues. “If we are moved or cannot enter the building, we will continue our occupancy at the municipal court down the street.”

MEA officials said they did not know the identity of the creator of the Facebook page, but said the listed name, Greg Arious, was a pseudonym.

Lisa North, MEA spokeswoman and an elementary school instructional coach, said the action would be a “peaceful process” and added she doubted anyone involved would enter the building.

The MEA shared a link to the Occupy 549C event on its Facebook page, commenting:

“Together we can show teachers that they aren't alone. Join with concerned parents and community members as they take a stand for the schools Medford students deserve! Return our quality teachers back their classrooms with a FAIR contract!”

In a comment on the Occupy549C page, the author identified as Arious, said he recognized that teachers would not be able to accompany protesters onto district property, but urged teachers to ask family and friends to participate.

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