Gunshots heard in Lithia Park

Ashland Police Department officers responded to a report of gunshots being fired in Lithia Park near the Lower Duck Pond Friday night.

Community Service Officer Kip Keeton was patrolling the Darex Family Ice Rink when he heard what he thought was a gunshot around 9:30 p.m., and then a second shot about 10 seconds later.

"It sounded like it was straight across from the rink over by the Shakespeare Theater," he said.

Tom Clinkenard, a witness at the rink, said the shots were about 30 seconds apart.

"I'm a hunter and around guns all the time. Those were definitely gunshots I heard. I'd even estimate they came from a small caliber pistol, probably a .22," he said.

Jason Daoust, one of the officers who conducted a foot search of the area, said they didn't find anything.

"This is the second time in the last two months we've had calls from people who thought they heard gunshots in this area. But we suspect it's just neighbors blowing up firecrackers," he said. "We saw some deer up on the hill there. And I suspect that if the noise was gunshots, those deer would have been long gone."

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