Gypsy Soul at Applegate Lodge

As more music fans — and professionals in the music industry — spend time networking on social-media sites, more bands are expected to provide footage of live performances.

Gypsy Soul, featuring vocalist Cilette Swann and instrumentalist Roman Morykit, has found a way to acquire videotape of its performances through a partnership with Ashland's Denizen TV.

"We're the record label, and they're the production company," Swann says. "We supply music for many of their projects, and they create gorgeous visual footage of us so that we can market our music."

In May, Gypsy Soul and a film crew from Denizen traveled to Seattle for the duo's sixth annual show at The Triple Door, a 300-seat dinner theater. Denizen's team followed Gypsy Soul for three days, filming and recording Swann and Morykit as they rehearsed and performed. The DVD, "Gypsy Soul Live at Triple Door," will be available in the fall at and will include interviews with the duo.

"We'll be posting little snippets of the video as it is completed, just to give fans a taste," Swann says.

Gypsy Soul also premiered Denizen's video of the duo's single, "All That Remains," at the Triple Door show.

"It received a phenomenal response from the audience," Swann says.

Gypsy Soul actively tours the Western and Mountain states every year, and Swann and Morykit employ musicians who are based in various cities for their shows.

"We have 'go-to' players in lots of cities, such as Los Angeles, Phoenix and Salt Lake City," Swann says. "They know our material because they've played with us before, and we can rehearse for a couple of days before each concert."

Seattle-based drummer T.J. Morris, guitarist and bassist Scott Burnett and cellist Traci Hoveskeland joined Gypsy Soul for its annual concert at Triple Door.

"Triple Door is the type of venue that we usually perform in when we tour," Swann says. "We do two two-hour shows on one night, and they usually sell out. We try to play two major shows each year in the cities we tour to. We try to create traditions."

Gypsy Soul's annual summer concert at Applegate Lodge on Friday, July 24, will feature Mikey Stevens on trumpet, bass and guitar and Michael Forney on drums and guitar. Morykit will play a variety of stringed instruments and keys, and Swann's distinctive vocals bring a soulful quality to Gypsy Soul's amplified acoustic rock and Americana music.

"Roots music is at the core of our sound," Swann says. "It's not just one thing. We're folk, jazz, blues and rock."

When Swann and Morykit aren't touring, they are based in Jacksonville. Another recent project has the duo teamed with Eric Alan of Jefferson Public Radio in Ashland.

"We're providing a companion CD to Eric's new book, 'Grace and Tranquility'," Swan says. "We wrote music to accompany his poetry and photography. It's a great way to connect the visual and the written word with music. It will be a combined sensory experience."

"Grace and Tranquility" will be available next spring.

Gypsy Soul will showcase songs from many of its CDs — and premier one or two new ones from "Grace and Tranquility" — at its show at Applegate Lodge. Gypsy's newest CD is "Wanderlust." The album's official national release will be in October.

"Though it's been available to fans for about a year at our Web site," Swann says. "After October it will be available at iTunes, CD Baby and other electronic stores."

Morykit and keyboard player Jason Rubenstein released an instrumental recording titled "Distant Early Morning" this year.

Gypsy Soul's show will start at 7:30 p.m. at the Applegate Lodge. A reception for Swann, Morykit, Stevens and Forney will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the lodge's garden. Tickets are available at Willow Creek in Jacksonville, Music Coop and Soundpeace in Ashland, the Applegate Lodge. or by calling 761-9394.

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