Halloween celebration rules

1. An attendee shall not display any image or content that includes nudity, profanity, lewdness, illegal drugs, violence, obscenity, hate, racism or that is sexually explicit, insulting or offensive to any ethnic, religious, political or other identifiable group or individual as determined by an event official.

2. Attendees must conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a family audience.

3. No person shall cause or permit any open flames including open fires, torches, matches, flamethrowing, fire starters, lanterns and no burning of any object whatsoever is permitted.

4. The drinking, display or possession of alcoholic beverages, or other intoxicants or controlled substances, and the smoking of tobacco or any other substance is absolutely prohibited.

5. The display or discharge of real or facsimile firearms, fireworks or other explosive devices is prohibited.

6. Anyone who fails to comply with the foregoing rules will be prohibited from participating in or attending the event and will be removed from the event premises.

Information from the Ashland Chamber of Commerce

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