Harold Robert “Bob” Case

Harold Robert Bob Case

March 4, 1929 ~ July 17, 2014

Bob Case had a remarkable life. Born March 4, 1929 in Glenco, Illinois to parents Harold Claude Case and Phyllis Elizabeth Kirk, he was born deaf due to a medical mistake. Despite this, Bob attended public school and graduated with honors. He received a BS in Visual Communications from Boston University, a Graduate Fellowship with the Atomic Energy Commission at the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies before returning to Boston University to complete an MS in Visual Communications.

Bob brought not only an enhanced visual acuity but a unique perspective to his distinguished career in photography. After receiving his MS in Communications he became Chief Photographer for Boston University, did historical research for the Cavalcade of America television series in Hollywood, documented post-colonial Africa for the Ford Foundation, and had his photographs exhibited in the Kodak Pavilion at two World's Fairs. His photographs have appeared in many publications, among them The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Time, The Manchester Guardian, and The Sunday New York Times.

Apart from his work in photography, Bob contributed a lifetime of work within the deaf community, specifically in the distribution of TTYs (Teletypewriter; or TDD, Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf), and the development and distribution of Closed Captioning technology for nationwide television broadcasting.

Bob was a book collector, history buff, and was passionate about planes, trains, and automobiles. He had a great love of the Colorado Rockies where he spent a great deal of his time exploring the gold and silver mining towns that have been beautifully preserved in his recently published book, The Lure of Gold. He traveled widely, lived broadly, and never let anything stand in his way.

Bob Case is survived by his sister, Rosanna Case Kazanjian; wife, Carol Angevine Case; daughters, Karin Case and Cheryl Case; step-daughters, Janie Chandler and Katy Chandler-McPhail; grandchildren, Molly McIntosh-Case, Brennan McIntosh-Case, Adina Viarengo, and Enzo Viarengo; and step-grandchildren, Azalea Micketti and Autumn Micketti.

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