Have feet will travel: a new, healthy commute

Three months before the nightmare of gasoline averaging $4.37 per gallon reared its ugly head, Mary Moore made a decision to grab her walking shoes more often than her car keys.

Moore, 45, lives on Valley View Road in Talent and owns Looking Glass Beads and Jewelry in Ashland. Lately, she's been hoofing it to work on the Bear Creek Greenway, an hour and 15-minute long trek.

Although her business requires long hours of standing, Moore is now making even quick errands on foot.

"I think most of us don't even give it a thought," she said. "We just pop into the car to run to the post office or the Co-op when we could really walk there."

Moore said she's cut her gasoline consumption by 50 to 75 percent; but says there are more benefits to walking instead of driving &

she's lost 30 pounds in the past three months.

"I saw the scale and thought, 'Wow!' I was shocked I'd lost that much," she said. "In addition to not using as much gas and polluting the environment, I get the health benefit of losing weight."

Moore said stretching for about 10 minutes beforehand and high-quality walking shoes are necessities.

"If you don't buy a good pair of shoes, you're just going to be blowing through them way too fast," she said.

Depending on how in shape you are, Moore also suggests working up to your desired goal.

"I was so out of shape, I had to ease into it," she said.

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