He stole her parking spot — and heart

ALBANY — Scio Municipal Judge Joanne Bilyeu's opening words "We are gathered here today with family and friends" were about the only traditional aspect of Milisa Fox and Scott Jefferies' wedding in the Albertsons parking lot in Albany.

The couple picked the spot because they met there about a year ago as each tried to drive into the same parking space.

"I love you," Fox, 38, a care provider, told her groom before the wedding. "I bet that day you never thought we'd be doing this, huh?"

Albertsons manager, Matt Hougland, said Fox called him on a Thursday afternoon to ask about holding a wedding near the store on May 25. "She said my 'name is Milisa, and I'm a regular Albertsons shopper. I used to shop at Safeway, and I have an odd request,' " he said. Then she asked if she could get married in the parking lot.

Hougland said of course.

Employees cordoned off the area for the ceremony.

Bakery manager Amanda Slusser put together a cookie tray topped with red and white roses. Christin McMinds, the produce manager, arranged gladiolas, lilies, baby's breath and carnations in a vase. Plastic glasses were filled with sparkling cider and placed next to the cookies on a cart.

Employees signed a card for the couple. The bride wore jeans and a pink and white long-sleeved shirt, and the groom donned jeans and a short-sleeved blue-toned shirt.

A friend of the bride, Sam Goodenough Jr., escorted the bride to the judge and her waiting bridegroom, and he gave her away. To be playful, the maid of honor was Milisa's son, Donovan Fox, and the best man was Stephanie Goates, the bride's niece. During the double-ring ceremony, Fox said "You took my parking spot and my heart that day."

The judge commented: "This is just great because this is the ceremony they wanted. They are so excited. I've never seen anyone as excited as she is."

Skyler Knight and Steve Lindsey decided to attend the wedding after Albertsons employee Sierra Burks posted on Facebook that there was going to be a ceremony there on a Friday morning. "We came out of curiosity," Knight said. Then it turned out Lindsey knows the 45-year-old bridegroom. The two are truck drivers for Republic Services in Albany.

"I didn't know he was getting married," Lindsey said.

After the short service, the couple posed for pictures and then grabbed hands to run between two rows of guests who threw birdseed at them.

As the bride climbed into the couple's truck to start their honeymoon on the Oregon Coast she turned to her son and said, "Donovan, do not run out my gas. I know how much mileage is on the car."

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