Heroin confirmed in two recent Ashland deaths

Ashland police have received lab results confirming that heroin had been used by two Ashland men who were found dead just 24 hours apart on Dec. 3 and 4.

"We can confirm that heroin was associated in the deaths," Ashland police Deputy Chief Corey Falls said.

Heroin was found in the body of 36-year-old Colin McKean, who was found by a family member in his home on Dec. 3, and heroin, methamphetamine and alcohol were found in the body of 34-year-old Jordan Roth, who was found by a family friend on Dec. 4, according to Falls. Police are still investigating the cases, but the investigation is likely nearing a close, Falls said.

Local drug investigators say that heoin use has been on the upswing following efforts to crack down on the availability of prescription pain pills.

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