Hidden Springs Wellness Center expands

Hidden Springs Wellness Center, a fixture in Ashland's healing community for eight years, has just expanded. On Friday the new 2,000-square-foot Fitness and Detoxification Center will be unveiled, in an evening of music, tours, healthy food and practitioner presentations.

"There are 14 of us here now," co-owner Dr. Rod Newton said. "We offer a variety of wellness education practices and therapies and we all pitch in to cover everything else that goes on around here."

Rod and his wife Brooks founded Hidden Springs in 2000. They found the grounds, with a pond and tall trees on one full acre, nestled between the Ashland Cinema and The Daily Tidings above the Ashland Street Shopping Center.

They named it Hidden Springs, to honor the natural springs that surface on the property and collect in a large pond, aerated by a stream.

Practitioners include several chiropractors and naturopathic doctors, three massage therapists, two yoga instructors, a communication coach, an energy medicine practitioner, a colon hydrotherapist, personal and relationship coaches, wellness coaches plus two fitness instructors.

"We got the idea to add a fitness center and start offering nutrition and detoxification programs about two years ago," Brooks said. "We discovered some really innovative and powerful fitness systems, and we just had to share them. Fitness and detoxification go hand in hand in creating wellness. It's impossible to be fit with a lot of toxins in your body."

Don Chasey, one of the two fitness instructors, has a unique perspective on physical training.

"We wanted to offer a more integrated approach to fitness than most people are accustomed to," Chase said. "So, we don't have TVs or loud music, and the type of work-out we teach combines body and mind techniques, with a special emphasis on breathing. This helps to deeply connect you with your body."

Other new services include a steam shower, salt scrub, and peat bath. These are part of a detoxification protocol that was launched in the spring and is being repeated this fall.

Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, a naturopathic physician who recently joined the team from Seattle, believes detoxification is important for health.

"I've found in my practice that about 70 percent of most patient symptoms will clear up if they just do a thorough physical detoxification," Nedrow said. "That's before we do a single thing to address their specific ailments."

Partnering with Dr. Rod Newton, who is a chiropractor, they created a supervised detoxification program last spring, guiding 70 people through a three-week cleanse. Because it was so well received, they are expanding to three sessions this fall and expecting this service to become a primary one at Hidden Springs.

The Grand Opening is on Friday from 6 to 9 p.m.

There is also a health gift for the first 50 people who pre-register for the event, which can be done by calling 488-8858.

Grand Opening guests will be treated to healthy food, the music of Inger Jorgensen, and a wide variety of demonstrations, giveways and discounted treatment coupons. At 7 p.m. the staff will give a presentation.

"It won't be your usual show and tell," fitness trainer Gina Galardi promised. "We like to have fun around here and most of us are a little irreverent. Good health includes a sense of humor."

The public is welcome and there is no charge. For more information call Hidden Springs at 488-8858.

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