High-spirited teen

The first thing many people notice about Brianna Glossop is her energy. Whether playing volleyball or discussing her English class, the spirited Ashland High freshman practically sparkles with excitement. Glossop credits her mother with giving her a zest for life and an optimistic view of the world.

"My mother is amazing," said Glossop. "She has cancer right now, and she is so tough it's ridiculous. She still works and does everything for me. She is always supportive and upbeat."

Her mother, who has raised Glossop by herself, returns the admiration.

"My daughter is an amazing young person. She is a very loving, caring, genuine individual with a bubbly, fun personality. Brie looks at life optimistically and passionately and has an incredible energy about her and inner strength. She absolutely loves volleyball. It is definitely her great passion. She is awesome."

During winter break, Brianna spoke with the Daily Tidings about volleyball, her favorite subjects in school, and her great love and admiration for her mother.

DT: How old are you?

BG: I'll be 15 on Feb. 15.

DT: What are your favorite subjects in school?

BG: I would probably have to say that English is my favorite subject because I really enjoy writing. I wrote a short story that is going to be submitted to the Rogue News, our school paper. Writing is a lot of fun for me. It has no limits and gives me a chance to be really creative. Also, I have a great teacher. Bill Gabriel is the best English teacher I've ever had.

DT: Do you have a favorite book or poem?

BG: Right now, I love the Twilight series. The books are romantic and suspenseful. I like the combination of romance and danger.

DT: What do you like to do outside of school?

BG: I like hanging out with my friends, going to see new movies in the theater, and playing volleyball. I've been playing volleyball since I was in 7th grade. The first year I played, I made the blue team, or varsity. When I'm playing, I feel free. And although there are a lot of rules, I feel like there are no boundaries. I play mainly setter position, and I love it. I pretty much love everything about volleyball except that sometimes you won't always get as much playing time as someone who might be a little bit better than you.

DT: Do you have trouble balancing school with outside interests?

BG: Because my mom has been battling cancer this year, my freshman year has been really difficult and hard to keep up with. Now, playing volleyball for the club season, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to stay completely caught up. But I'm staying strong and trying to pull through.

DT: What do you want to do after you graduate high school?

BG: I'm hoping to go to a school of arts to study music and dancing. I absolutely love doing both and would love to pursue a career in one of them. Either that, or I'd like to go to college on a volleyball scholarship, take some normal classes, and just explore what I may want to do.

DT: Talk about something you have done that makes you proud.

BG: At the end of my 8th-grade year, I was awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the Chavey Foundation. That was probably the proudest moment of my life, knowing I'd achieved enough to get a scholarship to college.

DT: Tell us about someone in your family who makes you proud.

BG: My mom, most definitely. I can talk to my mom about anything. She's the strongest person I know, and she has always, no matter what, been there for me through thick and thin. It makes me proud to call her my mom. When I want to give up on something, she always encourages me supports me in whatever I am interested in. She is so strong.

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