High-tech crimes unit lieutenant resigns while under investigation

The Central Point police lieutenant who heads the Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force has resigned during an investigation into possible wrongdoing.

Josh Moulin resigned Monday, Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston said in a news release today.

Huddleston's release said that the Central Point Police Department had consulted with his office and Oregon State Police about possible wrongdoing by Moulin and OSP agreed to investigate.

On June 12, Huddleston asked the Oregon Department of Justice's criminal justice department to determine if any laws were broken and to prosecute the case if investigators determined there had been criminal activity.

Huddleston didn't provide any details about the allegations against Moulin in his release. He said he has no reason to believe that any of the issues under investigation would lead him to conclude investigations by Moulin or the high-tech crimes task force had been compromised.

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