How states fared on unemployment benefit claims

Applications for U.S. unemployment benefits plunged last week 31,000 to a seasonally adjusted 292,000.

But the drop was largely because two states upgraded their computer systems and were unable to process all their applications. A government spokesman said applications will likely rebound in the coming weeks.

Here are the states with changes greater in their applications that were greater than 1,000. This data are for two weeks ago, one week behind the national data that was affected by technical problems:

States with the biggest decreases:

California: Down 4,988, due to fewer layoffs in services

Nevada: Down 2,125, no reason given

New York: Down 1,259, due to fewer layoffs in education

Georgia: Down 1,085, due to fewer layoffs in manufacturing

States with the biggest increases:

Oregon: Up 1,085, no reason given

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