ICCA window shattered on last day

Someone threw a baseball-sized piece of asphalt through a window of the Interfaith Care Community of Ashland, a homeless center near Shop 'n Kart that is slated to close its doors for good today.

A police report said the incident occurred sometime between 2 p.m. Monday and 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Ashland Police Deputy Chief Rich Walsh said it doesn't appear the suspect gained entry into the building.

"We don't know whether the damage was created in order to enter the building and burglarize it or if someone did it to express frustration at the center's closing," he said, adding that the department has no suspects at this time.

Sharon Schreiber, director of Interfaith Care Community of Medford that oversees and partially funds the Ashland center, said the board of directors unanimously voted in March to shutter the center, citing stronger needs in other parts of the county.

Schreiber said of the broken window, "We think we know who did it and it was probably in retaliation or frustration toward the center. This incident was just so unfortunate because there can't be any kind of resolution when somebody does something mean-spirited and destructive."

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