Impeachment is a just response

The Tidings editorial of October 29 on our Rally for Impeachment got it just right. And missed the point as well.

Yes, people poured out into the streets out of love for this country to demand that this overreaching administration be held accountable. The Tidings captured this mood with moving accuracy. We sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee" twice and "America the Beautiful." (No, these are not songs from the Civil Rights Era.)

Numerous families gave up soccer on a gorgeous Saturday morning to swell the crowd at the library. An astounding 200-plus citizens from all over the lower Rogue Valley showed up at the Plaza, called together by little more than word of mouth and e-mail.

This is patriotism that loves the Constitution, and demands that it be interpreted as the Founding Fathers intended. The writers of the Constitution invented from whole cloth a totally new system of government to protect the liberty, which they had fought and died to wrest from the despotism of the English king.

The people who poured down Main Street understood. They carried posters: "Take Back the Constitution," "Honk to Impeach" (The roar of honks lasted for the hour we stood on the sidewalk along Main Street) "Honor the Constitution. IMPEACH" and "Impeach NOW."

This is where we differ from your conclusion that the election is more important than impeachment, which you label "tilting at windmills." Protecting liberty by restoring the Constitution is more important than the elections or even getting troops out of Iraq.

Nothing is more important than wresting away the powers seized under the "Unitary Executive Theory," a theory of governance implemented by Vice President Cheney. Were a new President, of either party, to inherit these vastly expanded powers (rendition, torture, suspension of habeas corpus, domestic spying without judicial oversight, extreme government secrecy, etc.), there would be no turning back.

The Constitution separated and balanced the functions of the courts, the Congress and the President. In fact, the first version of the Constitution didn't have an executive branch at all, so fearful were the Founders of the power of government to promote one person's, one group's, one class's agenda. Impeachment is the founders' tool for disciplining a president or Vice President who betray their Oath of Office: "To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." Congress should get started on impeachment hearings NOW.

Priscilla High

Jack Seybold

John Fisher-Smith

Members of the Ashland Defenders of the Constitution

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