Indubious and Alcyon Massive

A funky reggae sound bounced its way through the Tidings Café studio on Wednesday with Indubious and Alcyon Massive.

Indubious performed "Hard Life," a song from their new album, "Cosmic Seed," and vocalist Alcyon Massive joined the trio for the tune "Keep Lovin."

Followers of the group may notice a change in band members with Matthew T. Wells now on drums. Bobby One Sock is taking on a full-time production role at Righteous Sounds Productions.

Evton B. brings the funk on the keys and vocals. Skip Wicked lays down the bass in a sometimes Les Claypool fashion while singing the lyrics. These two combine to create nice harmony and a fun connection with the audience.

This performance was perhaps the most energetic of all the Tidings Café guests to date. Alcyon and Skip bounced the reggae bounce and clearly enjoy putting on a show.

"The songs write us," said Evton B., calling what they write "conscious music for the people with love."

The group is grateful for the following they've gathered in Southern Oregon, with many of their recent shows selling out.

"The community people are experiencing is contagious," Skip Wicked said.

Indubious is among many musicians in the area surprised by the increase in people coming out to live music events, giving credit in part to the economic stress people are feeling.

The economy is a reflection of change in the world. The money can go away tomorrow. It's the stuff around that we used to have that people are going back to, Evton B. said.

"Concerts are ancient mystic rituals," Alcyon Massive said of the experience live music offers.

"People go out and forget the stuff that's not real. Music is real," Skip Wicked said.

Matthew T. Wells said he would like to see people doing three things to improve the quality of their lives: "Get to know your neighbors better, grow your own food and learn a love of all things."

Indubious will open for Blondie Sunday at the Britt Festivals in Jacksonville. The setup at Britt, with the outdoor venue and sound quality, puts Indubious right in their element.

The group's new album, "Cosmic Seed," is due out late this summer, around the end of August. A pre-order is available on the group's site, Indubious downloads are also available on iTunes CD Baby. A CD sampler with two Indubious and two Alcyon Massive tracks is also available for $5 or you can get one with a drink at the Grants Pass Coffee House between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The video performance by Indubious is ready to be viewed on the Tidings Café group page of and at Check out the Sound Stage blog at for a question-and-answer session with the guys.

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