Investors like Ashland film production company

Ashland film production company Joma Films LLC captured the "Concept Stage" competition of the Southern Oregon Angel Investment Conference today in Jacksonville.

The company, which has already produced "Calvin Marshall" and "Redwood Highway," is now working on a third feature "Black Road," a sci-fi thriller set in 2039.

While Oregon has attracted more and more movie makers in recent years, Southern Oregon has been relatively ignored.

"We believe in Southern Oregon and are laying down roots," said Gary Lundgren, who owns the company along with his wife, Anne. "The independent film is becoming much more regional and we think this can be a hotbed of independent film making."

Gary Lundgren was a film editor and screen writer in Southern California, while Anne Lundgren is a producer.

Their first effort, "Calvin Marshall" was a baseball film done in 2007.

"After that got going we spent 14 months in Ashland and decided to relocate where we could be a bigger fish in a smaller pond," he said.

Attracting investors is an art in itself for film makers.

"This legitimizes us and makes it easier to find investors," Lundgren said. "Entertainment investors can be a synical bunch, because so many lose money. And, it attracts crazy people. The movies we are making are with investors in mind."

Film expertise is one thing, now they begin nailing down the front-office elements.

"This will enable us to be more organized and profession," he said.

— Greg Stiles

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