Items stolen from unlocked cars

Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at least seven vehicles were unlawfully entered and rifled through, Ashland police reported.

The vehicles were unlocked and parked on Glenn Street, Lori Lane, upper Iowa Street, and Ravenwood Place.

A woman reported that about $200 in cash was taken from her purse, which was left on the passenger side seat, and a man had a custom piece of musical equipment valued at about $3,000 stolen out of his truck.

"I just forgot, usually I take all my stuff out and keep it inside," said Matt Lambert. "I just forgot to lock my truck. It's just an accident. Luckily I took my guitar out. It makes me nervous about our home security."

The item taken is a custom guitar pedal board with ten different vintage effect pedals, Lambert said.

"They will probably strip it down and sell it. I've been watching ebay and craigslist," said Lambert.

Once again, the Ashland police encourage people to lock their cars and not leave valuables in plain sight.

"I learned a hard lesson," Lambert said.

— Mandy Valencia

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