JPR will buy FM station in Northern California

Jefferson Public Radio, the Ashland-based radio network owned by Southern Oregon University, has signed an option through its nonprofit organization, the JPR Foundation, to purchase KSYC-FM in Yreka, a California newspaper is reporting.

The sale will take some time to complete, according to JPR Executive Director Ron Kramer.

"It has to go to the FCC and it is unlikely that the commission would make a decision before spring," Kramer told the Siskiyou Daily News in Yreka. "This is not stuff that happens in three or four weeks."

JPR purchased KSYC-AM€ˆand its sister station in Mount Shasta, KMJC-AM, in 2002.

"The programming we now have on the AM€ˆside will move over to the FM side," Kramer said. "Moving it to FM€ˆwill give it a better signal 24/7."

KSYC-FM is a country music station currently.

Kramer said JPR will leas the use of its Yreka AM station to someone else.

JPR currently broadcasts its News and Information service on both KSYC-AM€ˆ1490 in Yreka and on KMJC-AM 620 in Mount Shasta.

— Mike Slizewski, Siskiyou Daily News

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