Jr. Ashlanders: Hannah Bellinson

Enthusiastic fifth-grader Hannah Bellinson is a great communicator. Whether she is sharing her thoughts in class, acting on the stage, or being interviewed for the local newspaper, Hannah is at ease with people. That ease especially shines through in her writing and in the acting she is so passionate about.

Her teacher, Max Schmeling, says he is impressed with her energy and thoughtfulness.

"Hannah is a great kid to have in class," he said. "She's very enthusiastic and interested in learning. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness. She's eager to share with me all of her interests, whether it is the play that she is performing in or her thoughts on a religious camp that she attends in the summer. She's very active and I enjoy getting the news from her point of view." Hannah happily spoke with the Daily Tidings about school, theater and rude roosters.

DT: What school do you go to?

HB: I go to Bellview Elementary. Bellview is located at Ashland Middle School this year because the school is being rebuilt.

DT: What is it like at the middle school?

HB: It's weird. Mostly it is fun and the AMS students are nice, but sometimes some of them tease us.

DT: How old are you?

HB: I am 12 years old.

DT: What are your favorite subjects in school?

HB: My two favorite subjects in school are math and science. I like them because they challenge me a little more than other subjects. I also like participating in the fifth-grade orchestra. I play the violin and Gerry Paré is the instructor.

DT: Is there someone at school who inspires you?

HB: My good friend Willa Moen inspires me. She's really smart and also a good athlete and horseback rider. Her handwriting is very unique and a lot of people like to copy how she writes. She's funny and she's a good friend to me.

DT: What do you like to do outside of school?

HB: I like to do a lot of things outside of school. I love to act in the Children's Theater at the Oregon Stage Works. I started acting in school performances at Bellview in second-grade and I also participate in the plays at Temple Emek Shalom. I like acting because you tell a story and it's moving to see people focus on the story and watch their faces during the plays. During the winter, I go to Mt. Ashland on Saturdays. I'm in MARA, which stands for Mt. Ashland Racing Association. I like to race for fun and I like to do the first shoot of the bowl and do small jumps in the terrain park. I love that Mt. Ashland is so close. Also, I share 14 chickens with my neighbor Connie and I take care of the chickens with my family and Connie. We have two roosters and one of them attacks anyone who gets close. He's really mean. The chickens are really pretty and the eggs are great to eat.

DT: Do you have trouble balancing school and your outside interests?

HB: I have trouble when I have big homework assignments and have an after-school activity on the same day. I usually have to stay in for recess if I haven't finished it.

DT: What do you want to do when you grow up?

HB: When I grow up I want to be an actress because acting is fun and you have to remember a lot of things. It's challenging. I am also interested in being an author. I'm writing a book at school. It's about two girls at summer camp. They're good friends and they do all kinds of adventures together.

DT: Talk about something you've done that you are proud of.

HB: I am proud of the fact that for the past two summers I have attended sleep away camp for three weeks. I go with my cousin, Amy, who lives in Salem, Oregon. She is older than me and in a different cabin, so we aren't really together. I went to camp without knowing anyone and made friends there. I was homesick the first time I went, but got over it. I look forward to camp each summer and will go again this summer for three weeks.

DT: Talk about something that is a challenge for you.

HB: It's challenging for me to keep my allergies under control.

DT: Tell us about a family member who makes you proud.

HB: I am proud of my brother Ryan because he works hard at skiing. He is a sophomore in high school and on the ski team. He's gone to the state championships twice. He gives up most of his free time during the winter learning new skills and improving at skiing. I hope I can focus as much on acting as Ryan does to skiing.

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