Juggling life

Southern Oregon University students are feeling the stress of the end of the term. During the past nine weeks, students have been juggling classes, relationships, work and school. Now with finals, term papers and capstone projects thrown into the mix, juggling the load has become more stressful.

Emily Toohey-Andrews, a senior in creative writing, has an interesting way of battling stress. She juggles — on a unicycle.

Outside the Stevenson Union, Toohey-Andrews rides around tossing juggling pins, rings and other objects from her worn canvas juggler's bag.

"I'm actually, hopefully, graduating this spring," Toohey-Andrews said as she began to ride and juggle again.

She is not only juggling finals and pins but also what she'll do after graduation.

Toohey-Andrews is up in the air about whether it will be culinary school at Linn Benton College or circus school in Belgium.

No matter what she decides, she will keep juggling. Whether it's pins or spices for a tasty dish, she'll keep juggling — hopefully not chef knives.

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