Kids can apply for Mt. Ashland summer program

Young people who want to learn about the natural history of Mount Ashland and work to improve the ski area can apply for a spot in Mount Ashland's youth summer service program.

Incoming eighth- and ninth-graders who are accepted can earn $150 credit toward a season pass for the 2009-10 season, as well as 20 community service credit hours at their school.

The program accepts 15 students for each of its three one-week sessions, which run from July 20-23; July 27-30, and Aug. 3-6. Participation is free, but references are required. Application packets are available at the ski area business office, 693 Washington St., Ashland, Monday through Thursday; local middle schools; and online on the ski area Web site:

The deadline for applying for the youth summer service program is Thursday, May 28.

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