Kids give the darndest things

Santa Claus has completed his rounds and packages are being opened all over the Rogue Valley. But a few wishes may still be waiting to come true.

Here are responses from children attending Ruch Elementary School and Ashland' s Walker Elementary when asked to tell us what gift they would most want to give:

"I would give my brother a statue of a bear because he loves them. He loves all kinds of bears." — Aiden Beasley, Walker first-grader

"I would give a pool to my cousin because she swims." — Alana Spellman, Walker second-grader

"I would give another floor to our house and I would put a candy machine in it and a lot of video machines and give it to my family." — Etani di Properzio, Walker second-grader

"I would give my sister a Justin Bieber singing cardboard cutout because she has a crush on him. He would sing 'Mistletoe.'" — Eva Garcia, Walker second-grader

"If I could give anybody a gift, it would be happiness and comfort for my grandma. She deserves it because she is always nice and she tries to give to everyone everything she can." — Mallory Olson, Ruch sixth-grader

"My wish would be for my dad's back to be better. He got in a wreck and it kind of messed it up. I love him a lot and I don't want him to be in pain." — Abbi Melms, Ruch sixth-grader

"If allergies did not exist I would get my mom a cat and a strawberry plant." — Eli Hersch, Walker second-grader

"My brother barely gets to see me. I would give him a picture of me so he wouldn't be sad." — Reyn Davis, Walker second-grader

"My mom has a brain tumor. I'd give her a cure but I don't have that power. Instead, I would give her the gift of love because that is what keeps us alive. I need her to be with me forever so she has to stay strong. And I would give her hope so she has faith in herself and to keep going so she doesn't give up." — Anneka Murrin, Ruch sixth-grader

"My mom is awesome at drawing. I would give to my mom some drawings because she likes to draw." — William Doctor, Walker first-grader

"I would give a hamster to my cousin and he would have to name it." — Bailey Losinski, Walker first-grader

"I would give my dad chocolate because he likes it. I drew a picture of my dad licking his lips." — Kaeden Calkins, Walker first-grader

"It would be a house and I'd like to give it to my mom." — Ethan Marcum, Ruch first-grader

"I would give a rabbit to my best friend, Jude. I would put it in a carrying case and give it to him." — Sawyer Zook, Walker second-grader

"I would give my mom and dad the gift of prayer because we might adopt an innocent kid so he can be happy." — Alyssa Vaugh, 11, Ruch sixth-grader

"If I could give any gift, I would give my mom some scrapbooking stuff because my mom really likes scrapbooking." — Ben Foerder, Walker second-grader

"If I could give any gift in the world, it would be love. I would give it to my family because they are very special. I would give them hugs every day." — Scarlet Poague, Walker second-grader

"It would be books, toys and blankets for the homeless children to keep them safe and warm. I would give them apples and pears to make them healthy." — Dahlia Penn-Jaramillo, Walker second-grader

"I would give a golden dog to my friend Gracie." — Sam Mathis, Ruch first-grader

"My gift to my mommy would be a big brown M&M because she likes chocolate and I love her." — Christian Frombach, Ruch first-grader

"I wouldn't give it to a person. I would give my help to the world because I care. I would clean up the world and do good things for it." — Rosalee Nelson Millan, Walker first-grader

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