Kiwanis Club of Ashland prepares to put flags up for Sept. holidays

The Kiwanis Club of Ashland will be placing flags at two upcoming holidays: Labor Day on Sept. 1, and Patriot Day on Sept. 11.

The Kiwanis Club of Ashland places flags at business locations throughout Ashland for most federal holidays, weather permitting, as well as on a few special days occasionally. The Kiwanis Club has been sponsoring the flag program for the past 26 years.

At the current time, there are approximately 300 flags placed around Ashland at 216 businesses and down the center of Siskiyou Boulevard. Six of the flags along Siskiyou are also sponsored by local businesses.

The cost of joining the flag program is $50 per year.

Anyone interested in signing up and becoming a supporter of the many activities these funds are devoted to, call 488-8065. The annual flag program runs from July — through June 30.

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