Late Ashland resident honored for business education

Fred E. Winger, late husband of Lorrine Skaff-Winger, of Ashland, was inducted into the Business Education National Hall of Fame recently in recognition of his contributions to Business Education. Winger moved to Ashland in 1993, after his marriage to Lorrine.

Winger completed his Ed.D. in business education at the University of Oregon in Eugene in 1950, while he taught at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

He completed his M.A. in business education in 1939 at the University of Iowa and his B.A. in business education at the University of Nebraska in 1934. He taught at the high school level in Nebraska for five years before joining the staff at Stevens College in Columbia Missouri. His four years there were interrupted by a three-year stint in the U.S Army during WWII, where he was a communications/finance specialist stationed in France.

From 1947 to 1974, Winger served as a professor at OSU and as a national leader in business education, focusing his attention on building skill in typewriting.

He retired as professor emeritus in 1974 so he could spend more time meeting with typing teachers and writing typing textbooks for McGraw-Hill Book Company. Between 1950 and 1986 he traveled more than 1 million miles to speak to more than 500,000 teachers and authored or co-authored more than 70 typewriting books and many articles.

In December of 1977 the Burlington Free Press wrote an article about Winger entitled "Fred Winger — The Evangelist of the Typewriter Keyboard." Also in December of 1977, the Statesman Journal wrote the story "Oregon State Professor Emeritus is the Billy Graham of Typing." Their first paragraph read: "Religion has Billy Graham, Soccer has Pele, Christmas has Santa Claus and typing has Fred Winger."

Many honors and awards were bestowed on Winger by a variety of professional organizations. Some of these included outstanding teaching awards from OSU, Oregon Business Education Association and Oregon Vocational Education.

Outstanding service awards were granted by OSU, Oregon Business Education Association and Delta Pi Epsilon. His years at OSU were recognized by naming the Business Education Resource Center after him. Several Scholarships have also been named after Winger.

Induction into the Business Education National Hall of Fame occurs every two years. The inductee must be deceased for at least three years to be considered for admission.

Lorrine Winger was in attendance to accept the award and deliver a presentation upon Fred's behalf. Also in attendance were Fred's son, Mike and his wife.

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