Leader in bioethics visits SOU

Author, keynote speaker and Dartmouth College ethics professor Ron Green will give two lectures as a guest speaker of the Frank J. Dyke Endowed Lecture Series in Professional Ethics.

Green will present "Bioethics in the Vortex of Controversy: The Science and Politics of Stem Cell Debate" on Thursday, May 8, at 6 p.m. in the SOU Art Building's Meese Auditorium.

Green will give the lecture, "Babies by Design: The Ethics of Human Gene Enhancement" on Friday, May 9, at — p.m. in SOU Science Building Room 118.

Green has been a member of Dartmouth's Religion Department since 1969.

He currently directs Dartmouth's Ethics Institute, a consortium of faculty concerned with teaching and research in applied and professional ethics.

Author of seven books on theoretical and applied ethics, Green's most recent work, "Babies by Design: The Ethic of Genetic Choice" (Yale University Press, 2007), examines the ethical issues presented by the unprecedented growth in our ability to understand and change the human genome. New reproductive technologies now enable parents to select some genetic traits for their children.

"Today, bioethical issues &

stem cell research, gene therapy and cloning &

are taking center stage in all areas of life, and we are flooded with announcements of new discoveries virtually every day," said Prakash Chenjeri, SOU philosophy program director. "Dr. Green will discuss this timely subject and help clarify some of the critical issues and questions, especially the ethical and moral."

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