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Brandi Freeman got just desserts

Regarding the letter published in the Tidings May 3, "Support for Brandi Freeman", I say "No way."

I agree wholeheartedly that mental disorders should be treated with the utmost compassion, but I've seen so much smoke being blown around about this story that I find it hard to empathize. Here's why:

First, let's not bury this one glaring fact under too much sensitivity; Brandi Freeman lied, period.

Personally, I'm fine with that, everybody lies. I just lied to my wife about drinking the last Fresca. In fact, I just lied again &

I'm not married.

But it's the forum in which she chose to do so that I've a problem with. There are certain fields where ethics and personal accountability are absolutely crucial, namely, fields in which the public invests individuals with enormous amounts of trust in order for them to then look out for the common welfare &

fields such as journalism, law, politics, and crminology.

We're talking about a young woman that majored in criminology, and who lied while running for political office. If it was too much, well, no one forced her to take on that mantle.

In this circumstance, it really becomes a mute point whether or not the person has a mental disorder, for when public representatives breach the ethics that they themselves are supposed to be upholding, it then becomes everyone's responsibility to hold their feet to the fire. So kudos to the press for not dropping the ball here, I only wish I saw more feet from the White House in those flames.

Another Catch-22 that I enjoyed unfolding was that when Brandi Freeman was finally caught and forced to admit she had fabricated that elaborate story linking her to the Virginia Tech tragedy in order to illicit public sympathy and garner votes, what did she then do? Well, she quickly blamed it on her bipolar disorder, to illicit public sympathy and garner emotional support for her poor judgment.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

This girl was sharp &

dean's list and student Senate &

and unless she's going to blame these successes on her disorder as well, then I don't think she should be allowed to blame her calculated fabrications. This to me is injustice, people blaming mental illnesses for things that are oftentimes just poor judgment. It does a disservice to those who are truly grappling with any serious ramifications of mental illness.

Jeremy Andrew

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